Trending House Painting Ideas

paint samplesDo you want your house to look sophisticated and modern? Then you’ll have to keep up with the latest design trends and change your home accordingly. Some trends are easier to keep up with than others, and painting trends often require the least amount of change to your home to achieve.

Last year, the trend was toward subtle, homely colours. Greys, light browns and other neutral colours reigned, but that’s all starting to change. Painting trends tend to go through cycles, and after the dry, kind of boring period, you usually get vibrant and rich colours.

That is what we are seeing for 2018 so far. People are going bolder with their colours, and they are choosing rich hues that burst with flavour and character.

The appeal of trying something new is what is bringing this bold colour palette swap to the forefront of modern interior design.

The reason behind keeping up with a paint trend is a personal one. You may just want your home to be modern and chic looking. Or you may want to try something new and might desire to see how modern trends work for you. Or you could be looking to sell your home, and you are doing everything in your power to make the home inviting to the common consumer.

Whatever the case may be, it’s not hard to stay up with the current trend. If you go bold with your colour choices and pick dark red, deep yellow, powerful blue or luscious green, then you will be right on trend. Just make sure that the paint colour you choose matches your furniture and the design aesthetic of your home.

You don’t want to change your home’s colour just because of a trend and not because you think it will look good.

You may want to do some colour comparison and take samples from the paint store into your home to compare them in the lighting they will enjoy once you apply them. That’s the best way to tell how well they will work with the rest to your decor and with the atmosphere of the house.

You don’t have to just go with bright colours to be on trend, though. A lot of people are using black as a statement colour, accenting the rest of their home with its sombre tone. This colour and other dark colours can make the lighter furniture and fixtures really pop, and you need to consider how those things will look with the new colour in place.

A great way to get some idea as to what might look good in your home is to browse modern homes online and find something that is similar to the design aesthetic you have imagined in your head. You don’t have to choose a colour palette that perfectly matches modern trends, but changing things up to go with what is trending can give your house an entirely new, very contemporary feel to it that you might otherwise miss out on.