Common Home Painting Mistakes You Don’t Need a Professional to Fix

Every homeowner that does any painting for themselves will make a few mistakes every now and then. It’s not the end of the world when problems arise as you are painting. You don’t have to call a professional just because you messed up. There are some easy fixes for most of the common errors that amateur painters make.

We are going to look at a few of those fixes for you.

Handle Paint Drips
If your painting is leaving behind drips of paint on the wall, then you need to lay off the paint. Use less paint on your brush. You should only have enough on there to cover the brush and not so much that it is dripping. If you have some paint drips on the wall, you can simply repaint the area. That should even it out for you.

If the paint has dried and the drips have solidified, then you may need to chip them off with a paint scraper and then repaint that area.

Get Rid of Stains
A stain on the wall can be troublesome to fix, but you can handle that as well. You can use a white powder known as TSP (trisodium phosphate) to clean the affected area. Let that dry, and then apply an oil-based undercoat. That needs to dry too, and once it does, then you can repaint the area.

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Dealing with Brush Marks
If you painted an area of your home and then noticed brush marks on the dried paint, you might be wondering how to get rid of them. Don’t panic. Just sand down the area until it is nice and smooth and repaint it. It’s as simple as that, and the more severe and obvious brush strokes just need some extra sanding. Just be sure to only sand enough to remove the paint and not so much that you damage the walls.

Get Rid of Paint Bubbles
This is probably the most complicated paint fix you well have to tackle, but with a little know-how, you may be able to handle it. This problem is usually caused by too much moisture under the paint or in the walls. When that occurs, you may have a leak to deal with. In that case, you might need to call plumber to fix it. If it is not a leak causing the moisture, then you are probably not letting the wall dry from the most recent rain, or you just need to install some insulation in the wall.

Either way, you will need to sand over the paint bubbles or chip away at them with a paint scraper. Once they are off, you can repaint the area. Just be sure to wait until the wall is dry to do so.

Those common mistakes can all be fixed without the intervention of a professional, in most cases. Try these solutions to see if they will work for you, and you can save time and money and still get a great looking home.

Another incredibly important part of your home is your roof. So make sure that you keep your roof repaired and maintained by a top rated roofing professional.

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